Technology Evaluation and Market Entry Support for a Technology Startup Company

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AquaLect, Inc


Product Analysis and Market Entry Support

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Type of Treatment

Three-year-old startup business developing a proprietary wastewater treatment system.

AquaLect (not the real name) had spent several years developing and demonstrating their proprietary wastewater treatment process. Operating installations in four different locations – all temporary – had performed satisfactorily. But company investors were anxious to grow the business and reach profitability. Wastewater Experts, Inc. was hired to analyze the company’s technology, estimate the competitiveness of these technologies in the North American Wastewater Marketplace, and develop a national Sales and Marketing program.

The company had invested over $2 million in several technology demonstration plants in the USA and Canada. Results had been uniformly brilliant. An international Consulting Firm was hired to analyze the system and develop an equipment sizing and project design manual, at a cost over $250,000. Contracts were being negotiated with International marketing Agents.

With the mounting investment debts, the company hired Wastewater Experts to get them into the North American Wastewater Marketplace quickly.  Wastewater Experts  first compiled a list of the most effective Sales Representative organizations that would provide coverage  over all of North America (Mexico, USA, and Canada). We then reviewed the company’s Sales Literature and determined it needed major rewriting. However, after a detailed review of the technology’s operating history and performance capabilities we identified several major problems:

  1. There were obvious operational requirements which, while tolerable on small-scale installations, would be utterly unworkable in a large-scale facility.
  2. The marketing literature understated the costs and requirements of a complete facility.
  3. We could not confirm the performance efficiency claims made by the previous Consultants.

After intensive analyses of Pilot Study reports, reams of data, and the previous Consultants Design

Manual, it became clear that the two previous consultant groups had made critical errors. These errors led these Consultants to overestimate the performance efficiency of this technology by at least a factor of 100%. Obviously, this led to severely distorted claims and gross understatement of 20-year Operating Cost Efficiencies.

As soon as these mistakes were confirmed, Wastewater Experts notified the company; recommended all marketing agreement negotiations be suspended; and provided a list of suggested design improvements. Naturally, there was much resistance, but the facts spoke for themselves. Several additional improvements to the design of the system and to the core patents have been identified and recommended to the company.

The situation is ongoing.