Technical and Sales Support for a Company Exporting to China

A Case Study (download )


Hans Technologies, Inc.

Type of COMPANY:

  1. Exporter of U.S. Environmental Technology and Engineered systems to China.

Services Requested:

Hans Technologies Inc. (HTI) had spent several years developing contacts and projects in China with few sales. They needed technical credibility and support, so asked Ken Norcross, President of Wastewater Experts, Inc., to join the Board of Directors and serve as Technical Adviser to support Process Designs, Develop Patents, Advise Wastewater Operations, and give presentations at multiple Sales meetings in China to improve the sales success ratio.
Over the next 10 years, with Wastewater Experts’  Ken Norcross on board (and on The Board):

Doing business in China is vastly different than in the USA, especially in the wastewater market. Assumptions that are safe in North America can lead to a world of trouble in China. Vendor Beware!