Startup, Marketing, and Sales Support for an Innovative Technology Company

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PMC BioTec, Inc. (now BioConversion Solutions, LLC)


Company Startup, Patent Acquisition, Marketing Development

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Type of Treatment

  1. Startup business offering a proprietary wastewater treatment system.

PMC BioTec, Inc. was formed with several engineers who had spent some years developing and demonstrating their innovative proprietary wastewater and residuals treatment process within another company. The several operating installations had performed extraordinarily satisfactorily. But Sales were too slow to avoid being a casualty of a company cutback. Ken Norcross, President of Wastewater Experts, Inc., evaluated the technology and the full-scale operating facilities, and decided to fund a new company with the core technology team.

The team had proven that their proprietary process (AFCtm) could treat difficult and/or hazardous industrial waste and produce little or no byproduct sludge residual. Its application to Municipal Waste Sludge was not yet considered practical.

Over the next few years, much progress was made; Mr. Norcross’ contributions included:

In time, the technology was adapted to application to Municipal Waste Sludge by co-founder Alan Rozich. Ken Norcross disengaged from the company in 2006. With the shift in emphasis from Industrial Residuals Destruction to Energy Recovery, the company name was subsequently changed to BioConversion Solutions to better reflect the new approach.