Expert Witness Forensic Analysis and Redesign of a 20000 gpd Package Plant Failure

A Case Study (download )


Large RV Camp and Resort Park, Pennsylvania


Paste Application

Services Requested:

Type of Treatment:

  1. Physical – Flow Equalization
  2. Chemical – Alkalinity addition; Chlorination
  3. Biological – SBR – Sequencing Batch Reactor Activated Sludge

This full-service Park hosts RV's, Cabin renters, and campers. Facilities include a full restaurant and various amenities. Wastewater is discharged to a buried treatment system designed and supplied by a small New England Manufacturer prior to final discharge to a receiving stream. However, the plant was unable to consistently meet effluent permit at flows over 35% of design. The Owner was paying prohibitive costs to supplement the poor operation of the plant. Meanwhile the effluent permit violations brought the attention of the State DNR (Department of Natural Resources) and carried the constant threat of Park shutdown.

The Owner repeatedly asked the System Supplier and the Consulting Design Engineer to fix the plant. After four years of consistent failure, the Owner turned to Wastewater Experts, Inc. for help.

The initial plant site visit allowed an extensive series of observations and tests to be completed. These revealed many issues; just a few are discussed here: