Expert Witness for a Patent Infringement Litigation

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A Major Equipment Company


Defend Against a Charge of Patent Violation

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Type of Company:

Decades-old business selling engineered wastewater equipment (anonymity requested). The company has existed for over 30 years and sold wastewater products in many countries. It had been expanding its product range by offering a mixing system based on its proprietary technology. Operating installations were effective: relatively low-tech, low-maintenance, and low-cost – a quite successful product using proven technology in an efficient configuration. So they were surprised when they received a Cease-and-Desist order from a competitor with a Patent Infringement claim.

Wastewater Experts, Inc. was hired to analyze the technology, assess the Infringement Claim, draft a response to the Cease-and-Desist letter, and defend the company through the litigation process in court.


A review of the Claims revealed that the patent in question should never have been granted for several reasons: