Technical Services

Wastewater Experts is a Consulting Firm providing expertise on the Design, Operation, Analysis, and Troubleshooting of Wastewater Treatment Equipment, Processes, and Plants. These services include:

Patents Services

The Wastewater Experts have been awarded over 20 patents, all licensed, most of them internationally. These include both Mechanical and Process patents. We can help you identify claims, navigate around other patent claims, and structure your claims to achieve the maximum possible patent coverage. You will still require the services of a Patent Lawyer, but they don’t understand our business - we will ensure you get the best patent possible.

Expert Witness Services

We provide the Technical Expertise and the Legal Experience to support your litigation, bridging the Legal/Technical divide. Whether your interest is in preventing a lawsuit or prosecuting one, in winning a judgment or minimizing one, you need an Expert on your side who has experienced what you are going through.

The Wastewater Experts have served, and won, as Expert Witnesses in cases involving:

Sales and Marketing Services

Wastewater Experts provide Market Access services to companies wanting to enter the U.S. Wastewater Treatment Market or merely to increase market share. We access our extensive Rolodex of contacts and referrals to provide services including:

Value Analysis of Companies for Mergers and Acquisitions

Companies typically exaggerate and distort their true value, especially when a sale is contemplated. Wastewater Experts will examine a company’s technologies, claims, references, installations, organization and market position to separate fact from fiction and thus help Private Equity firms and Venture Capitalists to make cost-effective decisions before investing or acquiring. We apply our extensive experience in these deals; canvas other experts with pertinent experience; and question companies actively or recently engaged with the business of interest including customers, suppliers, representatives, and dealers. All of this allows us to determine the legitimate reputation, performance, and sales/profitability potential of the company.